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    Saturday, March 31, 2012

    Hot tub rash

      Recently, while using my new hot tub for an extended period of time, I developed a really bad hot tub rash all over my body. This rash is an infection of the skin (dermatitis) and the hair follicles in the skin (folliculitis) acquired from contact with contaminated water or hot tub chemicals. Actually, I am to blame as well because I did not do anything about the rash when I first noticed it developing a while back. It was only after it got really bad and itchy that I focused on doing something about it to make my skin alright again. The hot tub chemicals which I am currently using no doubt were an aggravating factor. I consulted my doctor who told me that this rash is basically caused by the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa, an organism abundant in nature and found in soil, water, and on plants. Well, my first symptoms were itchy skin and itchy bumps on the skin. After some time, there were red nodules contained pus. Since my hot tub rash was not resolving on its own within a few days, my doctor told me that he would prescribe some medicines for me to eat as well as some medicated cream to apply on the skin. This is necessary because my condition may progress to more severe abscess formation. He also told me that I should get frequent testing done of the water in my hot tub and allow for adequate control of disinfectant levels and pH. I also need to thoroughly clean and disinfect my hot tub so that my infection does not come back. I was told that some individuals are more sensitive than others, to even normal levels of common sanitizers, and may be helped by a switch to an alternative sanitizing method, which might be applicable to me.