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    Friday, January 20, 2012

    Discount batteries

      The term 12 volt battery does not actually represent the power of that motorcycle battery. It is just a convenient term used to set one battery apart from another. A fully charged battery of 12 volts will measure about 12.6 volts between terminals. The other parts of the battery are heat sealed and made of special materials. Make sure to verify the level of the fluid in every chamber. Then you have to fill up the chamber using distilled or de-ionized water. When some people hear the term "maintenance-free battery" they seem to think they can buy motorcycle batteries from a battery store, put it in the bike, and allow it to slip from their consciousness! But all discount batteries, even the so called "maintenance free", needs a little care from time to time. Some motorcycle batteries come dry from the manufacturer and need to be filled with acid and put on a charger for a few hours before they can be used. But the best maintenance-free batteries are filled and charged at the factory before they're shipped. If possible check the manufacturer to find one that charges and discharges the battery, to fully saturate the glass mat with battery acid. These motorcycle batteries will hold a charge longer throughout their lifetime.