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    Tuesday, January 03, 2012

    Cheerleading accessories

      In some circles cheerleading has a negative stereotype that assumes young ladies who pursue this pastime aren’t as smart as their classmates. Beautiful, yes, but bright and not arrogant, no, the stereotype goes. While a few might exemplify the stereotype, in general, cheerleading is a great sport that requires physical skill, mental acuity and a willingness to work in a team. The sport, in fact, is a great one for young girls to get involved in as every part of it from the cheerleading accessories on down to the pyramids speaks to a great need for teamwork. While junior high, high school and college squads might only have a few spaces for cheerleaders, there are literally dozens of other opportunities in most communities for a girl to cheer. Organized sports outside of the school setting often come along with their own cheer teams that cater to girls from about age four on up. The advantages to getting a young lady to wear a cheerleader costume and pom poms are many, too. Even if it’s for the PAL pee wees, being a cheerleader is a big deal to a young lady. The uniform symbolizes they are part of something, their own team, the squad. Learning the moves and being part of a squad can help boost confidence, which applies to all other areas of life, as well. Much like many other team sports, cheerleading involves athleticism and dedication. Cheerleading, through choreographed routines, tumbling, stunts and jumps, improves muscular strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination. Most high school or competitive squads practice for several hours a week, while many collegiate squads have strength training requirements in addition to practice. Proper conditioning, training and safety requirements help prevent injuries when practicing stunts, tumbling passes and jumps. Tumbling, stunting and performing choreographed routines involve cardiovascular stamina and endurance. Although most choreographed routines last two minutes or less, practicing those two minutes repeatedly is an effective aerobic workout. Repeatedly practicing the routine builds the cardiovascular stamina necessary to perform the several stunt sequences, tumbling passes, yelling and dancing involved in the routine.