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    Tuesday, January 03, 2012

    Book summaries

      It is not enough to read. What you read must be relevant and important. If it isn't, don't read it. Information is useless if it is not applicable to something important or if you forget it before you have the chance apply it. One of the main benefits of reading executive book summaries, is, of course, having a greater knowledge of what is out there. You will be able to carry on intelligent conversation about the content of books that others will likely be discussing in business settings. Because these executive book summaries cut to the central theme and focus of these books, you will also be able to implement the books' directives into your own life much more simply. And, if you find a book whose summary really stands out to you, you will also be able to weed through what is out there to determine which, if any books you want to revisit and actually read for yourself to get a more in depth point of view. There are many websites selling business book summaries, and it is wise to do your research before buying a subscription. Check the website and get a feel for the product by reading any sample summaries that are offered. You will also want to find information about the people who write the samples. Ideally, the authors should be well versed in the field of business books and the concepts presented in the books.