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    Thursday, January 12, 2012

    Ashton cigars

      My husband loves to have Ashton Cigars, Acid Cigars, or occasional premium Ashton Cigars. Although he is aware of the dangers of smoking, he knows that the health risks to the casual cigar smoker, who smokes no more than a few cigars per week and does not inhale, are not nearly as significant. Are there any health benefits to cigar smoking? Long before all the research proved that it was dangerous to smoke, tobacco was actually used for medicinal purposes. Although we now know that it will not cure cancer and other diseases, some cigar enthusiasts will argue that cigars can be smoked to relax, and therefore, lower the blood pressure. Besides, if smoking cigars brings relaxation or enjoyment, then it is providing a mental health benefit. Tobacco is also believed to be an aid in controlling weight. Not to make light of the health consequences of cigar smoking, but the old rule about enjoying everything in moderation seems to apply. If you smoke less than one cigar per day, then that makes you an occasional cigar smoker. According to, "The health risks linked to occasional cigar smoking (less than daily) are not known". Therefore, we can only assume that the health of most people will not be significantly impacted by smoking one or two cigars per week, since there is no definitive proof to the contrary. However, since the jury is still out on occasional cigar smoking, the final decision about how much to smoke, if at all, is your own. Ashton has quickly become one of the most popular high end brands on the market and is one of the finest cigars. When Robert Levin took over his father's smoke shop, he had big things in mind; namely, founding a brand that focused on great flavor and quality. It was with these ideals that the Ashton dream was hatched, but to make this cigar a success Robert knew he would need the help of one of the best men in the business, Carlos Fuente. The Fuente Family has a long and prestigious history in the Dominican Republic. Currently they are one of the best known makers of cigars in the world and their brands rank amongst the most exclusive, rare, and hard to find. With Fuente’s expertise in tobacco and Levin’s keen business sense, the two became partners and made cigar history. Ashton is a mild to medium-bodied Dominican cigar sporting a Connecticut shade wrapper.