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    Thursday, January 12, 2012

    Anime sword

      Are you looking for an anime sword, fantasy sword, or dragon swords? Anime is a term commonly used to refer to animation from Japan. Anime series are typically released directly on television broadcasts, as well as DVD and online. Since the 1980s, anime has enjoyed an explosive growth worldwide, becoming one of Japan's largest cultural exports. Those of us who fall in the Otaku category (a Japanese term meaning "passionate anime fans") will appreciate anime swords. Sometimes the swords have become an integral part of the story lines over the years, so Anime fans from around the world can now get an anime sword from their favorite series such as the Bleach swords, Naruto swords and many more to choose from! The anime swords for sale have been crafted to be as accurate as possible. Some reproductions have clearly inherited their characteristics from the samurai swords. Although the swords look very realistic and may have mistaken as real swords, most of the swords are strictly decorative. Dragons are mythical reptilian creatures that appear in various cultures worldwide. The two most well-known versions are European dragons and Chinese dragons. Western dragons are often depicted as large, aggressive, evil creatures that breathe fire and resemble dinosaurs. The European dragon swords are mostly for slaying purposes. A dragon sword is usually larger so it can slay the dragon with it. On the other hand, Chinese dragons, in contrast to their Western counterparts, are regarded as symbols power and good fortune, and can take on human form. The Chinese dragon swords are usually smaller or lighter and the handle may have the dragon symbol (reflect on the power of the sword) on it. The lighter the sword is, the quicker the user can move with it.

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