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    Saturday, January 07, 2012

    Acai Berry

      Zinc is a mineral found in our bodies, which has a role to play in almost all our bodily functions. Though its use isn't as specific as minerals like calcium or iron, zinc is needed for the production of body enzymes. Every class of enzyme includes zinc metalloenzymes, and therefore every function of the biochemical pathway is influenced by this metal. As the enzymes carry out diverse functions, the symptoms of zinc deficiency can make it difficult to diagnose. Hypozincemia, or the deficiency of zinc vitamin, is mainly caused from unbalanced dietary intake. More severe symptoms of deficiency result from excessive alcohol use, diarrhea, chronic liver and renal diseases, diabetes, sickle cell anemia or malabsorption. The low proportions of zinc in your body can cause major genetic disorders, fertility problems in men, and abnormal growth and slow sexual maturity in children. Zinc deficiency can lead to abnormal mental and physical growth in children. Adequate amounts of zinc should be taken by the mother during her pregnancy. Pale, dry and rough skin, acne, eczema, rashes, psoriasis and greasy skin are all symptoms of hypozincemia. Your nails can display white spots, poor growth, and inflammation of the cuticles, while dandruff, poor growth and hair loss can damage the scalp You can also buy Krill Oil, Moringa, and Acai Berry. Acai Berry is a small round black purplish fruit that looks like grape both in appearance and size though with a lesser pulp. Acai berry fruit has a single large seed, when the berries are ripe, the exocarp turn into a deep purple color or green depending on the type of acai berry as well as its maturity. The endocarp of the acai berry fruit takes about 80% of the fruit while the fleshy part of the berry is the mesocarp that contains the pulp which is of a uniform thickness. Acai berries are a very important component of food for the Amazon people of Brazil and it constitute and forty-two percent of the food intakes for the people of this region and the juice and pulp of this fruits have been found to be very useful and it is used as blends in various juices such as soda, smoothies and several other drinks.