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    Wednesday, December 28, 2011

    Wireless intercom system

      There are two major benefits of a wireless intercom system over a traditional wired intercom. The first is that installation is much easier since no wires have to be run between intercom units. The second is that you can easily move the units any time. With a wireless intercom system, you can be up and running minutes after you take them out of the box and power them up. But with that ease of installation and convenience also comes some risk. There is risk of interference from other wireless and electrical devices. Other wireless devices near the intercom such as cordless telephones, wireless data networks, and remote audio speakers can interfere. Electrical devices such as motors can also cause noise on some systems. There are many different types of home intercom systems, from simple to sophisticated, from "voice only" to video versions. And whether used alone, or as part of a larger security system, a wireless intercom system is one of the most cost-effective residential protection devices. An intercom system allows you to communicate with someone at the door from a safe distance, and out of view of the visitor. It can also control a buzzer latch on your gate, and monitor a baby or child's room. Intercom solutions come in a variety of types and styles. An inexpensive voice-only house intercom system can be purchased with one door and one control unit. Some models can be expanded to units in several rooms. The main unit is usually installed in one of the central living areas of a home, such as the kitchen or living room. Most designs allow you to play music over the system. And these systems also work well as an inexpensive audio baby monitor. Simply turn on one unit in the baby's room, and the other in the room you are in. You can also purchase one of the video home intercom systems that will allow you to see what is going on in another room, in the garage, or outside the front door via a small video screen. A wireless doorbell is also a must-have item nowadays.