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    Tuesday, December 20, 2011

    Western belts

      I am planning to buy some western belts and handmade leather belts as my husband needs mens western belts. Western belts with large, rodeo style buckles are popular in some locales. The style does complete a rough, country look. However, it's important to know just how much is too much and to put together a look that's genuine rather than tacky and over the top. The first place to check to make sure you don't commit this fashion faux pas is your belt. If you've ever seen a Western style belt with an overly large buckle on it, you've seen what's called a rodeo buckle. These belt buckles are meant to be trophies, marking the wearer as the winner of a rodeo competition. However, there are slightly smaller buckles which are imitations of the trophy buckles. Full sized buckles should be worn with Western clothes worn by rodeo performers, but the smaller versions can be worn with casual jeans and button down Western shirts. If you're going to have a rodeo style buckle, wear cowboy boots and a hat, even if you're making no other allowances for a rodeo look. The color of your buckle's metal and the leather of your belt are important when it comes to the complete outfit. For instance, if you have a black belt and a gold colored buckle you should try to stay with that same color scheme. A pair of black jeans and gold tips on your boots will set off the buckle. The same goes for wearing a silver or a steel buckle. Don't wear clashing metal colors with your accessories, such as a gold cattleman's tie worn with a silver buckle or vice versa. A Western belt and buckle do not look right if you wear them without the usual Western attire such as cowboy boots and a Western hat. To really add a flair of the dramatic, put a Western buckle on your gun belt. This is recommended only for times that you'll be wearing a gun, with all of the proper licensing that goes with that. However, if you target shoot, shoot competitively or you enjoy Western re-enactment, then adding the holster to your belt and buckle takes things up one step further.