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    Monday, December 19, 2011

    Putter review

      I have been hunting for putters for sale to do face on putting and was thus glad to find a putter review. There are hundreds of variations of putters out there, but there are three basic types when it comes to putter length: the conventional putters, belly putters and long putters. What putter length is best for you? The easiest answer is that it's completely a matter of personal preference. If you're thinking of going away from a conventional putter to a belly or long putter, you simply need to get on a putting green and see which putter length feels best and produces the best results. Each type does have qualities, however, that might narrow the choices. Most teaching pros agree: If you can use a conventional putter, then you should use a conventional putter. And a short one at that. To achieve the ideal putting posture, take your stance and lean forward so that your eyes are directly over the line of the putt. Let your arms hang loosely down, then bring your palms together. Voila - your ideal putting posture. Obviously, you can't take that posture unless your putter length is a conventional one (putters traditionally range from 32 to 36 inches). So why do some pros (and more amateurs) go to the belly or long putters? Conventional putters require nerves of steel and an absolute minimum of wrist action. Poor putting nerves are often called the "yips"; those with excess wrist action are said to be "handsy." If you suffer from the yips or are too handsy in your putting, then trying a belly or long putter could be for you. The belly putter provides a third point of contact - the abdomen (along with each hand) - between the putter and the player, which provides stability and balance to the stroke.