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    Tuesday, December 20, 2011

    Office desk chair

      Every year thousands of companies pay out millions of dollars for worker compensation claims, employee absences, re-hiring and re-training. Many of these costs can be eliminated by creating a safer, healthier working environment. Ergonomics is the key to creating this optimal working environment. Ergonomics brings together every aspect of the working area including: ergonomic chairs, sit / stand desk, keyboard trays, monitor arms, lighting, work space usage, ventilation and more. An office that utilizes all of these tools effectively will see a vast improvement throughout the office. Recent studies have shown that ergonomic furniture like office desk chair, task office chairs, and office chairs cheap reduces money paid to workers compensation, increases productivity and reduces stress in employees. Ergonomics combines numerous different scientific disciplines in an effort to determine how to utilize human energy most effectively. Ergonomics strives to correctly fit the equipment and office furniture a worker uses to their size and specifications instead of trying to make every employee fit the same office desk or office chair. Ergonomically designed furniture provides safety and comfort for the user. An ergonomic office provides an environment where optimal performance can be achieved with minimal workplace injuries for your employees. A well designed ergonomic office desk will allow the user to make adjustments in their posture throughout the work day in order to promote blood flow and alleviate tension caused by repetitive tasks. The ergonomic desk should also allow ample space for all items that are needed within a close proximity without forcing the user to make an awkward movement to grab or adjust something. The ergonomic computer desk should also provide the user with sufficient space underneath the computer desk to allow for leg movement with no restrictions. It is not a necessity to have a height adjustment option for your computer desk to be ergonomic. The proper height for an ergonomic office desk is between 26”-30”. If there is not a height adjustment option, then it is vital to have an adjustable keyboard tray that can correct the positioning of your arms, wrists and elbows while typing.