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    Sunday, December 18, 2011

    Military accessories

      A road flare is used as a piece of emergency equipment to warn people of hazards on the road or highway; an accident scene, a fallen tree, closed lanes or other issues requiring safety precautions. Ambulances, fire trucks and police officers all carry military accessories like road flares and emergency vehicle lights in their emergency response kits. Motorists can also carry road flares for emergency situations. In fact, they should be a staple item in your auto first aid kit. You can find flares to purchase at automotive stores or in safety catalogues that sell supplies and equipment for emergency responders. A road flare contains an insulated stick filled with explosive material. When a flare is activated, usually by forcefully removing a tab, a fuse at the flare's end is ignited and will stay lit for about 15 to 20 minutes. The time it stays lit, depends on the design of the flare. Additional substances may be added to a road flare to so that it burns green, yellow, red, or blue. A flare design may also incorporate safety measures like roll prevention or a spark deflector to avoid starting a fire. There are also battery operated road flares available that eliminate the risks of roadside fires. The only problem is that many people neglect to check their batteries on a regular basis and may find that their flares won't work when they really need them to. The light that is given off by a road flare is very bright, which makes it visible from great distances and in poor visibility conditions. Proper use of road flares usually includes laying several flares in a row in order to attract the immediate attention of approaching traffic and make them aware that caution is to be used. It's also very important to collect the flares, once they've burned out, as they can be a hazard if not disposed of properly.