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    Sunday, December 18, 2011

    Medical chairs

      Some disabilities require the use of a wheelchair because the person either cannot walk at all or is not strong enough to be on her feet. Those who require the use of a wheelchair have the option of using a manual chair or a medical power chair to get around, as well as lift recliners, medical chairs, or a motorized wheelchair. Choosing power medical chairs offers advantages over using a manual chair. A medical power chair allows patients to move around on their own, whether they are in their home or away from home. Some people with disabilities are able to use their hands and arms to propel a manual wheelchair, but this can be a big drain on energy. A power chair allows that person to move without the assistance of others, while preserving energy for other tasks. He would not need to wait until someone can help him get from one place to another. Being independent can be a big morale booster for someone living with a disability. Medical power chairs are designed with disabilities in mind. Most of the chairs use a joystick control that is easy for anyone to maneuver, even with poor hand or upper extremity control or strength. This type of control allows the user to lay her arm on the arm rest and use her hand or arm to push the joystick forward, left or right. Even with poor dexterity or strength, most people can hook their wrist around the joystick and pull it backward to go in reverse. If she cannot use a joystick, manufacturers can equip chairs with breathing tubes for wheelchair control. While people with disabilities may spend a majority of their time in buildings or on a paved surface, some people in wheelchairs still venture out into their yard or other areas with rougher terrain. Some power chairs are equipped with tires that make moving around the yard or other rough terrain feasible. Medical power chairs also come in several drive options, including front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and mid-wheel drive. Those with front-wheel drive are best for rougher terrain, while rear-wheel drive offers more stability for those with poor balance due to their condition. Mid-wheel drive is for those who require a tighter turn radius.