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    Friday, December 23, 2011

    Above ground pool covers

      Winterizing your pool is an important step to ensure the life of your pool. An above ground pool still needs to follow the winterizing process and above ground pool covers are an important part of this step. Here are the steps to get your pool ready for winter. Step one is to ensure your chemicals are correct. If you do not complete this step correctly, you can cause a lot of corrosion and damage to your pool. Step two is to remove all deck equipment such as above ground pool ladders, rails, etc. The next step is to brush all sides of the pool and vacuum thoroughly. Then, clean your filter, skimmer, and pump basket. Do not completely drain your pool, as this can cause it to collapse, but you need to lower the water enough to make room for expansion when the water freezes. If your above ground pool has detachable hoses, then take them off and store them for the winter. Inflate any air pillows, and position at the center of the pool. This will keep water from freezing outward which will damage the sides of your pool. Finally, cover the pool with one of the above ground pool covers you have read about, and you are pretty much done with your pool until the spring. Above ground winter pool covers usually have loops, grommets, or clips. Some can even be heat-sealed onto your pool. If you get a dark cover, then algae will not grow in your pool while it is covered. If your cover is a lighter color, then sunshine will get in your pool, causing algae to grow. If your above ground winter pool covers are the kind with loops or grommets, then you will need to cinch it off to make sure the fit is snug. Some above ground pool covers have to be fitted around a deck. If this is the case for you, then never use bricks or weights to hold down the cover, as this can damage your cover. You may need to purchase separate wall bags to put around the edges of the pool. Fill the tubes ¾ full of water (not full, due to expansion from freezing water). The last step when using above ground winter pool covers is to install a cover pump. Water will accumulate on your pool, and this will damage not only your cover, but also your pool, so you will need to pump it off. The pump will drain off excess water. We hope you will follow these few easy steps when winterizing and using above ground winter pool covers.