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    Sunday, November 27, 2011

    Embedded computer

      The computing world is moving from the desktop and workstation to an arena of embedded and wearable computers. Embedded computers are used in every sphere of modern life. More and more, embedded computers are becoming the brains behind mechanisms that we rely on throughout our everyday lives -- wireless devices, cars, automated elevators, climate control systems, traffic signals and washing machines, to name a few. Some experts estimate that each individual in a developed nation may unknowingly use more than 100 embedded computers daily. Embedded computers also constitute the backbone of our complex systems, such as space mission controls, avionics and weapons systems. Embedded computers are incorporated into other devices, rather than being stand alone computers. Examples include digital cameras, mobile phones, music players, specialist IT hardware (such as networking hardware), and almost any kind of industrial or domestic control system. As a result of the increasing use of embedded computers in consumer electronics is blurring the boundary between the markets. This is one reason why computer companies like Apple (with its Ipod) are increasingly moving into consumer electronics. Embedded computers are being incorporated into many devices that did not previously require it. Consider the changes that have taken place in automotive electronics: not only are embedded computers being incorporated into very visible devices such as navigation systems, they are also being used to affect the fundamental functioning of cars in devices such as braking systems. All these devices, from phones to cars, that contain embedded computers create opportunities for the supply of both hardware and software. Although much of the hardware and software is specialised for embedded pc use, much is also common to both computers and embedded computers. Good examples of the latter are the Linux and Java which run on everything from mainframes to mobile phones. This means that demand for an embedded computer or embedded pc of various types have further repercussions on demand for everything from semiconductors to software to services.