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    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    Discount batteries

      Letting a battery fully run down from use throughout the life of the power supply is a good idea as well so that it can have a full charge which will stimulate the cells to maximum potential. There are a few safety tips to be aware of when using discount batteries from a battery store in order to insure full use and safe handling to consumers. Always keep a cell phone away from damp areas and never store it in extreme heat or cold. The use of a rapid charger can condition and help provide the best performance out of a rechargeable battery. This will also help add long life to the power supply as well as insure against possible memory problems. Never take apart or handle the chemicals associated with a battery because of the flammable nature found especially in lithium batteries. Doing so could cause fire that cannot be doused easily since water only tends to aggravate it. Depending on use, a consumer can expect cell phone batteries to last from 1-3 years before noticing shorter and shorter charge times and perhaps some memory failure. The newest of cell phone batteries are constantly losing a little charge each time they are used. The hotter a cell phone gets, the more charge is drained from its power pack, so keep cell phones as cool as possible when in use.