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    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    Cell phone signal booster

      There are numerous benefits of installing a cell phone signal booster other than the improved signal strength: a cell phone signal boostser also improves the battery life of the cell phone as it saves the power used in searching for signals. As the cell phones get good signal reception then they don’t need to run at full power and thus the power is saved. And as the signal strength is improved the harmful radiations which are emitted when the cell phone look for the signals and these radiations are also absorbed by the human brain and also are responsible for the cancer in cell phone users. When the cell phones stop emitting those harmful radiations because of the boosters then the credit of saving the cell phone users from a harmful disease like cancer also goes to the cell booster. A cell phone signal booster for home consists of three parts: an external antenna which collects the signals from the outside from the nearest cell phone tower and is connected to the amplifier unit via a cable. Amplifier unit is the second part of these units which boosts the weak signals and converts them into strong ones. The third and the final part of the cellular amplification system is an internal antenna which rebroadcasts the boosted signals all over the place. As these signals reach the cell phones the cell phone are able to do their work properly and it is easier to run applications on them because of the improved cell coverage.

        1 Comment:

        Cel-Fi said...

        Cell phone signal boosters in poor quality signal areas can create extra signal coverage and includes many other benefits such as improved battery life and successful call percentage.