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    Saturday, October 22, 2011


      The world is changing into a global village and is becoming smaller and smaller day by day. Modern communication revolution has enabled mankind to reach out to people in every possible corner of the globe. The technology of teleconferencing which is sometimes also termed as an international conference call or an operator assisted conference call is a wonderful product of the telecommunication revolution. The telephone has been in use since it was invented by Alexander Graham Bell and promoted by Bell company. The telephone has drastically changed in a remarkably short period of time and became a tool for world wide communication. The further advancement in telephone was the cell phone. The current and latest phenomenon that is coming into being is teleconferencing. Teleconferencing is a facility that enables more than two users to have a conversation at the same time. Teleconferencing that is merged with use of video cameras is known as video conferencing. This facility if interconnection is becoming one of the most important aids of business communication. Experts in this field predict that it will become a universally used communicational tool in next few decades. Currently facilities are not very cheap and hence it is not used very widely for domestic purposes.