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    Saturday, October 08, 2011

    Office supply

      Whether you’re a small biz owner or just a super-equipped bill payer, chances are good that you’ll spend at least $50 in your office supply needs such as office paper from an office supply store in a typical year. For every dollar above that amount, there is an even better opportunity to save — big — by following a few simple tips. Repeat business at your favorite office supply chain isn’t just good for their bottom line, it’s great for yours, too! Most major national retailers offer a discount by signing up for their rewards programs, and there is no cost to join. If you’re printing out emails, notes, or other items that only you’ll see, there’s no need to use color ink or high-picture quality to do so. Set your printer to fast-draft or black ink only, and save big on the cost of your ink supplies. Perhaps one of the most common ways people try to save money in the office, buying remanufactured or refilled ink cartridges offer savings of up to 50% over the “brand name” buy. Some even buy the ink to refill their own cartridges. Get a good look at your “official” printer cartridge, snap a photo with your digital camera, and become familiar with the numbers printed on it. Often times, customers of “off brand” ink providers have reported getting an ink cartridge that didn’t quite fit.