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    Friday, October 21, 2011

    Master cleanse recipe

      If you've ever been desperate to lose weight, chances are you've heard of (or tried) the master cleanse recipe. First conceived of by Stanley Burroughs in the mid-twentieth century, this regime for detoxification regained popularity in the early 2000's, with a book by Peter Glickman touting the health benefits and especially the alleged weight loss results of the Master Cleanse. But does Master Cleanse work, or is it just another diet scam, part of the mass deception that comes standard with the multi-billion dollar master cleanse reviews industry? The basic principle behind the Master Cleanse is a detoxification fast, drinking only a mixture of water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper in specific proportions (recipe below). It's this concoction that gave rise to the popular aliases "Lemonade Diet," "Maple Syrup Diet," and lemon juice diet. The premise is that drinking this special beverage aids in ridding the body of toxins from pesticides, hormones, and other chemicals in our everyday environment, as well as clearing out built-up material in the colon. Drinking senna tea (a laxative) and performing daily salt-water flushes is also recommended. The testimonials of die-hard Master Cleanse fans report positive results such as weight loss, increased energy, improved acne, and sharper vision.