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    Wednesday, October 05, 2011

    Hair transplant

      The benefits of getting a hair transplant are variegated. The most obvious benefits relate to physical appearance. However, there are several mental, social, and emotional benefits that come from hair transplants as well. Losing one's hair can destroy one’s appearance, which can lead to the destruction of their self esteem and confidence, which can lead to other downfalls in life socially, emotionally, and mentally. Hair Restoration is an option for everyone who experiences hair loss new york. There are many different forms of hair restoration including oral and topical medications, hair pieces, and hair transplants. Hair transplantation is the only type of hair restoration that will produce a natural appearance with the actual re-growth of real hair. Stereoscopic follicular unit hair transplantation is the procedure that replaces unhealthy hair follicles with ones that will produce hair. A few months following the procedure, you will notice new hair growth. By getting a hair transplant, your appearance will improve along with your self esteem and your confidence levels. You no longer have to worry about “what your boss thinks of your bald spots,” or “how your date will handle the fact that you lack hair.” Get rid of the self consciousness that burdens you day after day as the result of lost hair. The hair transplant cost is not that much either.