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    Saturday, October 08, 2011

    Farrier supply

      All livestock require regular hoof trimming. Because of temperament and the complication of their being ridden and often shod, horses are rarely trimmed by their owners; most horse owners hire a farrier from a farrier supply shop -- a professional blacksmith who specializes in horse shoeing and has the proper farrier supply. Virtually all other livestock, however, have their hooves trimmed by their owners. This is especially true of sheep and goats. Like most things, trimming goat and sheep hooves is much easier if you have the right tools. Hoof shears come in different styles; you will develop your own preference over time. They are not expensive to purchase, so trying out a couple different styles is not costly. Angled hoof trimmers with 3-inch tempered steel blades and easy-grip plastic handles run around $20. Basic "Italian" forged steel trimmers are even less but are easier for larger hands and the handles are all steel. Supplemental tools -- such as a hoof pick, curved hoof knife and a plane -- all help finish the job. Be sure your tools are kept clean and sharp to make your job easier! Animals who have had their feet handled since they were young are much more cooperative when it comes to trimming. Goats can be trained to mount a milking stand where they can be locked in at the head and given a small container of grain to distract, calm and entertain them while their feet are trimmed.