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    Saturday, October 22, 2011

    Buy pepper spray

      Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent which is used to inflame the eyes and cause breathing difficulties, which in turn can cause a person who is attacking you to be put into a position where they are unable to cause any damage to you or your property. When a person is sprayed their eyes will literally clamp shut meaning they cannot see at all. If the person is standing, they will immediately be brought to their knees in a coughing fit and will be left with the ability to breath only small amounts of air, enough so that it is uncomfortable, but not restricted so much that it is life threatening. Although the effects of pepper spray depend on the strength of the spray, you can generally expect to disable your attacker for around 30 minutes, which should give you an adequate amount of time to contact the police and allow them to take things from there. You can buy pepper spray, OC spray, and mace spray in a variety of sizes, ranging from 0.5 ounces to 4 ounces. A size of around 2 ounces will be an adequate amount to protect yourself from a single attacker and will also fit neatly on your belt or can be put in your purse. When deciding what size to buy, you should always keep in mind that buying a smaller size could mean that it is more accessible for when the time comes that you need to use it. A larger size is generally only needed by law enforcement or professional security personnel.