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    Saturday, September 24, 2011

    Wireless doorbells

      There are two kinds of doorbells on the market, wired doorbells and wireless doorbells. Wired doorbells run off household current. The bell is wired to the chime through the walls. Wired doorbells are the most common and are found in older homes as well as newer homes. A wireless doorbell, as the name implies, dos not require wiring. The wireless door bell, which is actually a transmitter, is mounted at the front door. The chime, which is also a receiver, can be placed anywhere within range. A wireless doorbell offers flexibility and ease. Installing a wireless doorbell takes very little time. The bell is mounted at the front door using either double sided tape, or it can be screwed into place. The chime unit is placed inside the house. Some chimes are independent units that run off batteries and require no electrical current. The only problem is that these batteries will have to be changed periodically. Alternatively, you can plug in the chime unit to the household current and you won’t have to worry about changing batteries. If you have an old wired doorbell that doesn’t work or can’t be heard from well enough for you, you can easily replace it with a wireless doorbell. All you need is a screwdriver, some electrical tape and a few minutes.