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    Saturday, September 24, 2011

    Popcorn machine

      Popcorn can be one of the healthiest and satisfying snacks available. It smells great, almost making you crazy wanting to grab some. Popcorn is low-calorie, when prepared properly, which almost requires the use of an air popcorn machine. The standard method of making pop corn using oil quickly destroys the health benefits of popcorn. Instead of a low-calorie, fat free snack, you end up with a snack on the same category as potato chips. Coated in fat, and usually salt. If you want to keep popcorn healthy, it needs a oil free method of popping. Even bags of microwave popcorn use oil in their packages to aid in the popping process. A hot air pop corn machine gets rid of the oil and keeps the popcorn from burning by rotating it with forced hot air. Not only does it eliminate the fat, but it also makes sure you have even less unpopped kernels giving you the full value out of your bag of popcorn. To see the real benefits of using a hot air popcorn maker, you need to know some of the facts about popcorn itself. Popcorn is actually a very healthy food, filled with anti-oxidants, and high in fiber. It is a whole grain food, just like oatmeal, or whole wheat. The difference is you are turning it into a fun to eat, crispy, and satisfying snack. The bad reputation for popcorn is not from the popcorn itself, but from the terrible things we do to it.