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    Saturday, September 24, 2011

    Network storage device

      Two factors have really been contributing to the demand for a
      network storage device such as iscsi storage; one is the proliferation of digital entertainment in the form of music, games and movies, and the other is the dramatic rise in people working from home or establishing a home office for work needs. Network attached storage really covers the needs of these two areas by providing a host of benefits through a storage area network. Are you one of the many music lovers who have lost music they purchased when a hard drive crashed? Do you wish you had better access to your library of music without constantly syncing to your iPod or other music device? Maybe you enjoy movies and have found that you can buy digital copies of your favorite movies and even find lots of video online that you can download and watch at your convenience. What better way to enjoy it than by watching through your PlayStation or networked TV after picking from among your collection stored on a centralized network storage device? Maybe you have data you share among multiple computers in your home but hate trying to network an Apple MacBook with your Windows PC. Would you find benefit in a centralized network storage device that was compatible with Apple, Windows and Linux; that could be used to backup your PC’s to, share common data and entertainment files AND be used to share a printer too? Welcome to the world of home network storage devices. Small, toaster size, attractive electronic devices designed to take your home computing to a whole new level.