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    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    Herniated disc

      Symptoms that include back pain and leg pain accompanied by a weakness in the lower extremities and the impairment of bowel and bladder control is usually diagnosed in a patient with disc herniation or herniated disc. A herniated disc is fundamentally a spinal disc condition wherein the nucleus pulposus, the soft component within the disc spills out of a torn outer covering referred to as the annulus fibrosus and into the spinal canal, which may or may not bring about nerve compressions. Though oftentimes mistaken for protruding disc or bulging disc, disc herniation is in fact a more serious condition and without ideal herniated disk treatment, numerous health risks may develop, such as paralysis and death. Besides the more significant herniated disc surgery procedures, there are many natural and home herniated disk treatment options, such as herniated disc exercises, traditional treatments, such as physical therapy, and drugs, that can help lessen pain and deal with the herniation. Obviously, the most ideal treatment for herniated disc for a specific patient would rely on his/her situation, which can be established at a laser spine institute. These considerations will help the physician establish the most ideal treatment to utilize and these factors will include symptoms of a patient, age of patient, daily activities and habits of a patient, and the existence of progressive symptoms.