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    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    DVD replication

      You may need cd duplication or dvd replication services to deliver information to remote workers, as part of a promotion, for a special event, etc. Do you know how to best prepare your dvd replication copy? The prototypical copy you provide to your CD duplication service is referred to as the master copy. It is important that the master copy is well prepared before delivery to your CD replication service. You want to use the best brand of CD/DVDs. Do your homework and use high quality media before sending your master to a CD duplication company. Do not burn a CD on a laptop computer using battery power. The inconsistencies in energy levels may result in a poor final product from your CD/DVD replication service. Be sure to always select the finalize option when making your master. This facilitates the compatibility level in regards to other CD-ROM drives. Avoid re-write discs when preparing your master copy for CD/DVD duplication. This brand of disc will result in many instances where your disc will not be compatible with other drives. Do not burn your CD/DVD from a network source. Copy your source files to a local hard drive if they are originally from a network source. This seems obvious, yet needs to be said. Avoid contact or movement of your drive while you are burning your master. Any jolts could result in skipping during the process and a master not befitting to turn into your DVD replication service.