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    Wednesday, October 06, 2010

    Debt relief, debt free, credit card consolidation scams

      If you have been looking for information about how to become debt free, you have probably come across numerous instances where credit card debt relief obama or the Obama debt relief act was mentioned as being a new debt relief stimulus initiative meant to help out those in debt. Taking part in an Obama sponsored bailout plan that can reduce your debt by as much as 50% or more sounds quite enticing, doesn't it? If someone offered me a grant that promised to wipe away my credit card debt for a fraction of what I owed, I would be jumping with glee too!

      Unfortunately, however, none of this actually exists and is actually one of the latest scams being employed by debt settlement firms and marketing companies to dupe consumers into signing up for their debt relief programs. Thus, you must Avoid credit card consolidation scams that Use “Obama Debt Relief” Advertising. Just remember - scams will be quick to sell the idea that their program is part of the stimulus package or is in some way guaranteed to work. These are exactly the companies you should steer clear from. Thus, whenever you find an ad that proclaims to relive you of all your debt in some magical way, you should immediately be wary of that company. Do always make sure you properly check and cross check all of their claims and take a step forward only after thoroughly verifying them. It is always better to be safe than sorry, isn't it?