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    Thursday, August 06, 2009 For Charity

      6-08-2009_6-00-08_pmDid you know that the most profound and ultimate thing you can do in your life is to help others? I believe that that is what we all are actually here for. The very act of helping and giving to others, be it money, food, support, or any other form of help, is the closest to God that you can get. This is because, at that very moment, God is using your "person" to carry out his divine work and spread His blessings. That's why I believe that one should never miss a chance to not only help others, but also to help those who are helping others. For example, I came to know that the world's number 1 hotel search engine, is wanting to spread the word and will donate $20 to charity every time someone blogs, tweets or fans them.

      Basically, they have built the world's no. 1 hotel search engine and now want more people to know about it. Instead of spending on advertising, they thought "let's donate to a charity every time someone helps us spread the word," this way allowing them to donate what they normally would have had to spend on advertising. There's 3 options - they'll give $20 for a blog mention, $10 for a tweet and $5 for becoming a fan of their Facebook page.

      This is something that's right down my alley because I don't have to do anything apart from what I'm already doing - that's blogging - and, at the same time, I am able to provide an impetus to their Spread The Word For Charity promotion. I hope you latch on to the bandwagon as well, and then notice the good feeling inside of you after your good deed.