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    Thursday, August 27, 2009

    Destination weddings

      I have been hearing a lot about destination weddings lately, so when my friend invited me to her destination wedding at Karisma Hotels and Resorts on the secluded white-sand beaches of the Mexican Riviera Maya, I jumped at the chance to go and experience the whole concept myself.

      And boy, what an experience it was. Karisma Hotels have a Gourmet-Inclusive concept, which totally agrees with the foodie in me. Basically, each of their resorts gives you a taste of its own particular indulgences, and the luxury service makes the vacation truly relaxing. The entertainment facilities were top-of-the-line and the classy snap-to service responded to our requests immediately. If you want to splurge on yourself, this resort is the place to do it because they truly focus on individual experiences for the affluent. Read more...

        The Importance Of Networking

          While you can do a whole lot of things to market your blog, networking is the one thing that can really give your blog the much-needed push. It involves interacting with people from different backgrounds, connecting with them and learning from them. You will be amazed at what kind of effect it can have on your productivity, not to mention increasing your traffic, resources, and even monetization. Moreover, networking can also boost your motivation. This is one of THE key ways to get people to check out your blog or website.

          So, how do you go about it? Simply by commenting on other peoples blogs, writing thoughtful replies to their blog posts, subscribing to their RSS feeds so you can keep up with new blogs posted, etc. Remember that involvement is key.

            Good health is important

              I recently got a mail from one of my readers who said she was highly influenced by one of my posts on losing weight to become a healthy blogger. She admitted that she had gained a lot of weight ever since she started blogging full-time to make money online, and this was due to the fact that she didn’t often leave her seat for hours and also ate a lot of junk food. However, she started a regimen of a good diet and exercise to get back on track, and has started seeing results. I’m really glad to hear this because it gives me immense satisfaction to know that not only is my advice being followed by my readers, but it’s also working splendidly for them. I do urge others as well to learn how to prioritize and put their health before blogging. Always remember that good health is the biggest wealth you can have! Read more...

                Cosmetology schools in Indiana

                  My friend just called me to tell me she has gotten selected at the Regency Beauty Institute. Since long, she has been looking forward to studying at one of the cosmetology schools in indiana and now finally her dream has come true. I am just so happy for her, because Regency is the fastest growing beauty school in the country and its graduates are recognized and sought after throughout the United States. Moreover, my friend is excited because she says that, as part of her training, she will get to provide high-quality, discounted salon services to the public under expert faculty supervision. Read more...

                    Stiff neck

                      Today I am experiencing a bit of stiffness in my neck. This was expected, because I have been working long hours on the computer lately. This reinforces the fact that one should take precautions while working on the computer, by taking rest breaks often and also using ergonomic positions. That way you can avoid the stiff muscles that inevitably come with long-term computer use. Read more...

                        Wednesday, August 26, 2009

                        Overcoming Google's filter for new websites

                          What can you do to overcome Google's filters for new websites? It's very difficult to get high rankings before Google trusts your website. For that reason, do things that make your website trustworthy:

                          Start with the right keywords. It's not possible to get a top 10 ranking for highly competitive general search term such as "cars" for a new website. However, it is possible to get high rankings for terms such as "used car dealer atlanta". It's not just easier to get high rankings for more specific search terms, these terms are also much more likely to convert to sales. Take some time to find the right keywords for your site.

                          Get links to your website. It is not possible to get high rankings on Google without good incoming links. Try to get as many links from related websites as possible. If the right websites link to your site then Google will trust your website more quickly.

                          Optimize your web pages. While more links to your website greatly increase your chance of getting high search engine rankings, you must also tell search engines for which search terms you want to have high rankings. Optimize the content of your web pages to make sure that Google lists your website for the right search terms. Search engines should be able to parse the content of your web pages easily. Consider this when creating a new website from scratch.

                          Wait. A website that has been online for several years is much less likely to game Google's ranking algorithms than newer sites. For that reason, your Google rankings will also increase just by waiting (given that you followed the steps 1 to 3). If you do it correctly, getting high search engine rankings for brand new websites is possible. It's important that you do the right things in the right order. Read more...

                            Affiliates: Dating sites

                              Dating sites such as FriendFinder have emerged as a great source of affiliate revenue. Affiliate marketing is a system of revenue sharing between one web site (the affiliate merchant, you) which features an ad or content designed to drive traffic to another web site (the advertiser). The affiliate will receive a fee based on the amount of traffic generated, items sold or memberships created.

                     is one of the most lucrative affiliate programs. With over 10 million current members and over 25 million satisfied members worldwide in their network, their program has created significant wealth for many affiliates. FriendFinder affiliates get paid over $1,000,000 every month. offers one, three and 12-month memberships with rates from $9.95 to $149.95. You will earn 100% of the initial signup fee, which could be $149.95 for a 12 month membership. But, if you don't like that you can receive $2.00 per free female signup and $1.00 per free male signup.

                     is another program from the FriendFinder network which enables the 40+ crowd to easily find singles or couples in their own region or across the world. As with other FriendFinder Affilate programs you have 2 payout options: 1. Per member payout - $0.50 per male signup and $1.50 per female signup. 2. Percentage Program - 60% of initial and reorder membership orders.

                                Thursday, August 06, 2009

                                New technology company

                                  Everyone has their own tastes in entertainment for which they need to get their set top boxes accordingly. For example, there are a lot of people out there who like watching Adult TV like Apple TV. For them, there's good news because there's a set top box which helps them surf through a wide array of choices. The new technology company that allows for this feature is FyreTV, which provide for the only internet set top box of its kind that gives you unique content inside one small black box. The need of the hour is for greater choice without having to download and search through thousands of options all the time. Plugging in the hardware is fast and simple. All you need is a hi-speed internet service and the TV screen of your choice. Plug your hardware into your Internet service via Ethernet cable (provided) or just follow the simple WiFi setup once you connect to your television and turn on the system. Having your entertainment choices fulfilled at home means you don't have to waste time on downloading and searching, and can hence utilize that time elsewhere. You also have something always ready for guests who drop by. Read more...

                                    Why you should get your own domain

                                      Advertising is a prime source of revenue for bloggers and, depending upon the Page Rank and readership you have, you can grab better and higher paying advertising opportunities, whether it be from sponsored posts or from advertisers buying text/image ad space on your site, if you have your own domain.

                                      Moreover, when you self-host your blog, you get more respect from everyone, including advertisers. Advertisers are so picky nowadays and there's a trend of arrogantly highlighting “You don’t own a domain? Get lost!”. Why don't they like free hosts? My self-made explanation is that advertisers want to know if you are serious about blogging -- if you are serious about it, get yourself a domain. Read more...

                               For Charity

                                          6-08-2009_6-00-08_pmDid you know that the most profound and ultimate thing you can do in your life is to help others? I believe that that is what we all are actually here for. The very act of helping and giving to others, be it money, food, support, or any other form of help, is the closest to God that you can get. This is because, at that very moment, God is using your "person" to carry out his divine work and spread His blessings. That's why I believe that one should never miss a chance to not only help others, but also to help those who are helping others. For example, I came to know that the world's number 1 hotel search engine, is wanting to spread the word and will donate $20 to charity every time someone blogs, tweets or fans them.

                                          Basically, they have built the world's no. 1 hotel search engine and now want more people to know about it. Instead of spending on advertising, they thought "let's donate to a charity every time someone helps us spread the word," this way allowing them to donate what they normally would have had to spend on advertising. There's 3 options - they'll give $20 for a blog mention, $10 for a tweet and $5 for becoming a fan of their Facebook page.

                                          This is something that's right down my alley because I don't have to do anything apart from what I'm already doing - that's blogging - and, at the same time, I am able to provide an impetus to their Spread The Word For Charity promotion. I hope you latch on to the bandwagon as well, and then notice the good feeling inside of you after your good deed.

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                                            Read the FAQs

                                              A lot of people think that going through only the TOS (Terms of Service) of a program is enough to have all your bases covered. However, it's important to know that you should also go through the FAQ's. I know many people who just signed up with a program but had wrong information due to the fact that they just assumed things about the features of the program which were not really so. Later on they regretted for not investigating well before joining or spending money for that program.

                                              After going through the TOS and FAQ's, if you still have any doubts about the program, it's a good idea to contact the Administrator or support staff of the program and get your doubts clarified before you sign-up. Read more...