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    Saturday, May 09, 2009

    Life insurance is important

      A lot of people go through their entire lives before understanding what life insurance is all about. There are several reasons for this - the most common is that no one really informed them about it.

      Life insurance is all about providing for the future in a way that your absence does not hurt your family members financially. For this you must first, as accurately as possible, estimate the value of your life. This is called the 'Human Life Value'. One of the methods of calculating your human life value is to sum up all expenses along with your future liabilities that your family members will have to pay off in the unfortunate event of your death. Once you have done that you must take a life insurance policy to give you an insurance cover equaling your human life value.

      Essentially, there are two types of life insurance: term insurance or investment type insurance. Term insurance will provide benefits to your family or your dependents if you die during the proposed period covered by your policy. Investment-type life insurance, also known as, "permanent insurance", will include endowment policies and "whole of life" policies. This type of life insurance remains in effect for as long as you continue to pay your premium. Essentially, part of this premium will go to an investment account; so, as well as paying out in the event of your death, it will build up in investment value - which you can actually cash in before you die. This is a great reason to invest in life insurance when you're younger - the earlier you buy, the higher the investment value that will accumulate during your lifetime, and the more you may be able to reclaim when you're older.

      Perhaps the most crucial piece of information to keep in mind during your search for life insurance, however, is the importance of shopping around. is one of the companies providing superior policies which you should check out.

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