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    Sunday, November 09, 2008

    Places worth not visiting

      DontgothereRemember in a previous post, I told you about my bad travel experience at Detroit and how I found it to be a place that’s presently not worth visiting? Well, I just remembered another such place where I had a bad experience. This was at a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles, California. When I went to the restaurant, I had high hopes of the food being good because the ambience was good and the restaurant was impeccably clean. However, when my food arrived, I noticed that there was a black particle in the soup. I was just about to disregard it and eat it, when I saw that the particle was actually an insect. Disgusted, I called the waiter over and told him about it. Well, he was not at all perturbed and just removed my bowl and replaced it with another bowl of soup. However, instead of taking it back to the kitchen, I actually saw him take it to another table whose members I presume had ordered the same soup! Well, you can imagine how horrified I was, and I just left my food right then and left the restaurant. I also told my friends “don't go there”.