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    Sunday, August 17, 2008

    Ubuntu rocks!

      I was just going through Ravi's Blog and was reading about Ubuntu Linux, which is sponsored by Canonical Ltd. The word Ubuntu is a movement in Africa and refers to humanity. Everything is free. Similarly, everything for ubuntu is free. Ubuntu is better than the free distros as it is updated regularly. It has an ever updating list of repositories, and you will get software for anything you want.

      Almost all software is installed with the OS unlike in Windows. Apart from this, the OS is very stable. You can run it continuously for any number of days, and it will not get overloaded like windows. You will not be attacked by virus, and you don’t have to defragment your hard drive like you need to do for windows. 85% of web servers in the world are Linux based. After reading this, there’s no doubt that ubuntu rocks!