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    Saturday, August 09, 2008

    AWSurveys is a scam?!

      Just a warning to all of you who may have joined the AWSurveys program: They seem to be a scam. After reaching the payout of $75, I received the following message:

      “We have processed and Denied your payment. Your Account has been flagged for what appears to be fraudulent activities, for more information please read below. This could be for any of the following reasons:

      - Same IP Address (All of your referrals signed up from the same computer)
      - Low or no Survey taking ratio (Your referrals took 0 surveys)
      - Promoting A.W.Surveys in a way that violates our T.O.S.
      - Other Fraudulent Activity detections we have in place

      Please Open a Ticket with us if you believe your account has been flagged incorrectly. Do not reply to this E-Mail.

      Thank you,

      This same mail has been received by many other people as well (everyone who reaches the payout), and if you do a Google search typing in the words “AWSurveys” and “scam”, you can see hundreds of people vouching for the same. Of course, in my case, there was not any fraudulent activity from my side at all, and neither was there on the part of the others who have also been scammed. Also, you will find that if you do open any support tickets with them, you will never ever receive a reply! So don’t waste time on this program at all, friends!