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    Thursday, June 12, 2008

    The 'Look'

      Recently, while I was playing the Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship, I was thinking about the things people usually do in real life when they flirt. That is, when you go out somewhere and see someone you like, how do you get their attention?

      As for myself, I generally use various forms of non-verbal flirting. For example, the most common thing I do is to give the other person a ‘look’ – you know, that face you give others to spark their interest. I also smile at them if it feels appropriate. That always works! Back in school, my friends used to read up a lot on non-verbal flirting tactics and once told me that, while sitting, I should cross my legs with my foot pointing towards the other person, and also tilt my head slightly towards them. Well, I did try that but it never did much for me by itself!

      Nevertheless, I’m always up for trying new tactics out and practicing my stuff. That’s why I really enjoyed playing the online game at the Ultimate Flirting Championship and actually managed to achieve Victory Hair in the process! I know you all will enjoy it just as much, so don’t miss out – you can access it through the widget below. Also, do get the widget and put it on your own social page or blog to keep the fun rolling.

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