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    Wednesday, May 07, 2008

    I’m still scared!

      Well, when I saw the trailer for the movie Frontier(s) at, I knew I’d be having nightmares about it for weeks on end. Just looking at the poster sent chills down my spine and after going over to the website to view the trailer, let me say this…if you love blood, this is the horror movie for you. As for myself, though, it was just too scary for me. I mean, the very reason this film is uncut and unrated is because it’s got so much gore and violence that it would have been rated NC-17. (Most unrated movies don't get to theaters but this film is.) So, this movie is not suitable for all audiences. However, I have a friend who absolutely loves such kinds of movies (the scarier, the better!) and is already making plans to see it at Village East Cinema in New York when it’s released there. Now, don’t ask me WHY she “enjoys” such horror movies, when she is screaming throughout most of the film and has to keep the lights on at night at her apartment for weeks afterwards!

      If you’re also the type who also loves the horror genre, then don’t miss this one. It’ll spook you out like anything! You can check out the select theater listings for a theater near you.

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