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    Saturday, May 10, 2008

    How bloggers earn money from their blogs

      You keep reading and hearing that such-and-such person has a blog and is earning really well from it. And you are probably curious as to how they earn so much money, and wonder why you can’t earn as much as they are, right? Well, instead of getting frustrated, try to investigate the techniques or tricks they use and see if you can adopt them.

      First of all, most highly-paid bloggers have had an online presence for quite some time. Now, think about how long you've been blogging. Okay, not just blogging, but blogging sincerely? Be honest! Think about how much time you reserve for your blog and how many posts you do everyday.

      Why's that important, you ask? Because if you are busy with your daily work or your full time job and are blogging only once in a while, forget about earning! You have to give blogging a higher priority, otherwise it's difficult to earn.

      If you're a newbie at blogging, then just carry on blogging as much and as frequently as you can. Don't get discouraged because it takes some time to achieve good traffic, get a high Google PageRank, get loyal visitors and a good number of subscribers, improve your search engine ranking, brand yourself, create newsletters, etc.

      Bloggers also generate revenue from different affiliate programs and advertising programs. Remember, again, that traffic is the actual fuel that powers your blog - it's what decides how well and to what extent you can monetize your blog. For high traffic, you need to post quality content, as well as to consistently keep your blog fresh and updated with new posts.