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    Thursday, May 15, 2008

    Frontier(s) is running at a theatre near you

      A friend of mine in Seattle who was in the mood for watching a Horror Movie went over to see Frontier(s) which is currently running at the Landmark in Seattle, WA. Now, being the horror aficionado that he is, he is the one person I can count on to give me an unbiased picture of how scary a horror flick really is. It figures then that, when he told me he could barely sit through the movie because he was getting too scared, I knew this one was exceptional.

      That, and also the fact that this film is uncut and unrated. Why? Because it’s got so much gore and violence that it would have been rated NC-17. (Did you know that most unrated movies don't even make it to the theaters, but this film is?) Understandably, this movie is not suitable for all audiences. But that’s really a no-brainer because just looking at the poster can send chills down one’s spine. If you have the guts, just hop on right over to the website to view the trailer at A piece of advice – don’t watch the trailer after having eaten a meal, or you might puke! One thing’s for sure…if you love blood, this is the horror movie for you.

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