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    Tuesday, May 13, 2008

    Alien v Predator : Requiem

      There are certain movies that can totally kick ass and be the completely mindless gorefest they’re supposed to be, and this is the kind of movie Alien v Predator : Requiem is. I'm a die-hard fan of the series, and now I got to see AVPR for myself as the DVD was released on May 12th.

      I've always been huge on the idea of an “Alien vs Predator” because I've always been fascinated with the battle of these two sci-fi titans. The Predator is a hunter pure and simple and the Aliens are breeding monsters that infest every world they touch. Understandably, the showdown between Alien and Predator was one mind-blowing experience. It had a creative story-line, good acting and awesome action scenes.

      AVPR has made an awesome flick that makes people jump. It’s not like other horror movies that are too realistic where you can’t even watch it. With the sci-fi characters, viewers are able to enjoy it because there’s no way anyone is taking it too seriously.

      What a clash of titans and an incredible entertainment spectacle as well. Let the carnage begin!

      Sponsored by Alien v Predator : Requiem