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    Friday, January 11, 2008

    Blogroll Link Exchange Policy

      I've been getting a lot of requests for blog link exchanges lately, so am addressing them in this post. If you are interested in exchanging blog links, here are the requirements:

      • Your blog should be at least three months old
      • The link to my blog has to show up on every page of your blog, just like yours would show up on mine.
      • Your blog has to have good content (and no adult content)
      • The link has to be a followable link
      If your blog meets the above conditions, please first add my blog's link to your blog with the anchor text "Blogger Talk | Make Money Online". Then add your request (along with your blog's URL and anchor text, and your contact email) to the comments section of one of my blog entries and I will get back to you after checking your site.